Municipality of Katerini

Katerini is a municipality within the Region of Central Macedonia. It was formed in January 2011, following “Kallikratis” local government reform, by the merger of the former municipalities of Elafina, Katerini, Korinos, Paralia, Petra and Pieria. The Municipality of Katerini has 85,851 inhabitants (2011 Census).

The Municipality has developed since 2008 a “Local Sustainable Development Strategy” based on a detailed analysis of challenges, needs, capabilities and prospects in the city of Katerini. Its purpose is to provide balanced services to all the parameters that define social well-being in harmony with the natural environment in the context of "circular economy" and "sustainable self-sustaining growth". The pillars of the strategy comprise:

• Economic parameters, with emphasis on strengthening entrepreneurship and competitiveness and the rational use of natural and man-made resources.

• Social parameters, with emphasis on combating unemployment and strengthening social cohesion and solidarity.

• Environmental parameters, with emphasis on protecting natural resources and reducing pressures from human activities.

The “Local Sustainable Development Strategy” includes 10 priority axes – strategic goals. The first axis/goal is about improving microclimate in the downtown city centre. Important municipal upgrading projects have been already performed. Bioclimatic design principles have been applied to transform streets and public spaces (e.g. use of cool materials and vegetation), considering also meteorological parameters, bioclimatic indexes and measurements of thermal comfort conditions and particulate matter concentrations. 

With regard to LIFE-IP AdaptInGR, the Municipality of Katerini will design and implement two pilot projects:

  • The regeneration of 4 municipal plots in the city centre, taking into account projected changes in main climate parameters and indices due to climate change. The project also contributes to the creation of green space and the protection of the Municipality’s urban biodiversity.
  • The design and implementation of an integrated “Internet of Things” satellite technology system for the real-time public awareness of environmental and weather conditions. The system aims to warn citizens, particularly the most vulnerable citizen groups, about extreme heat or cold weather conditions and provide information on the closest municipal care centres. 

Website: www.katerini.gr

Contact persons for LIFE-IP AdaptInGR:

Ekaterini Poda

Head of Programming Department, Municipality of Katerini

E-mail: podakaterina@katerini.gr

Manolis Chrisostalis

Specialised Collaborator of the Mayor of Katerini  

E-mail: chrysostalis@gmail.com

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