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The “Municipality” page acts as a portal to LIFE-IP AdaptInGR activities intended for local authorities.

It specifically offers:

At the “Library” section of the website, Municipalities will be able to download the three Covenant of Mayors Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans to be developed within LIFE-IP AdaptInGR, as will as the guidelines on methodologies to streamline the assessment of climate-relevant risks, green infrastructure and nature-based solutions across the pilot demonstrative projects implemented by the 5 LIFE-IP AdaptInGR Municipalities and across their tenders’ specifications. They will also be able to download the final tender documents and all the studies elaborated within LIFE-IP AdaptInGR.

Municipalities will have the opportunity to “work shadow” the 5 LIFE-IP AdaptInGR Municipalities, along the demonstrative projects’ planning and implementation cycle, in order to acquire the necessary technical knowledge to replicate similar projects back home. The procedures and criteria to select the “work-shadowing” municipalities will be announced on the “News” section of the website.

Municipalities will be able to directly access the national adaptation hub and get adequate tools and information to plan and implement climate resilient policies, plans, actions and measures. A beta release of the hub is planned for late 2020.

The LIFE-IP AdaptInGR 4-year-long regional capacity building programme starts in 2021 and aims to provide adequate information and know-how to the full range of regional adaptation stakeholders, including municipalities. The national capacity workshops - planned for the last phase of the project- will include a session on local authorities, where local adaptation projects will be presented and discussed. The elected officials and the personnel of the Municipalities will be able to find information on the dates, venues, agendas and application process at the “Events” section of the website.

Information on available funding sources and instruments, including Green Fund calls, suitable for implementation of adaptation projects and measures at local level, will be published at the “News” and “Library” sections of the website.

The LIFE-IP AdaptInGR guidelines for adapting municipalities to climate change will be available at the “Library” section of the website.

The elected officials and the personnel of municipalities could subscribe to the project newsletter and stay up to date on LIFE-IP AdaptInGR activities.

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