A.1. Baseline update, stakeholder mapping and identification of stakeholder needs
A1.D1: Update of baseline situation regarding the implementation of the National Adaptation Strategy and of the RAAPs (M 6)
A1.D2: Report on stakeholder mapping at national and regional level (M 4)
A1.D3: Report on training and capacity building needs and knowledge gaps at national level, regional level and in vulnerable areas (M 9)

A.2. Setup of monitoring and evaluation methodologies and indicators
A2.D1: Report on the “Review of international and EU experience and practice of M&E systems for national adaptation” strategies and plans’ (M 6)
A2.D2: Database documenting M&E methodologies and indicators pertinent to adaptation actions covering all vulnerable sectors of the Greek NAS (M 14)
A2.D3: Quality system of the M&E [15 reports, one report for each set of qualitative and quantitative monitoring methodologies and indicators per sector] (M 18)

A.3. Preparation for the implementation of pilot model actions at regional and local level
A3.D1: Background document on methodologies to streamline the assessment of climate relevant risks, green infrastructure and nature-based solutions across pilot projects and tender specifications (M 6)
A3.D2: SECAP for the Municipality of Rhodes (M 10)
A3.D3: SECAP for the Municipality of Agioi Anargyroi-Kamatero (M 10)
A3.D4: SECAP for the Municipality of Katerini (M 10)
A3.D5: Study of water resources management (demand and supply under different climate scenarios) in the municipal department of Aigeiros, Komotini (M 12)
A3.D6: LIFE-IP AdaptInGR Design and Implementation Plan for Pilot projects in Regions (M 18)
A3.D7: LIFE-IP AdaptInGR Design and Implementation Plan for Pilot projects in Municipalities (M 18)

A.4: Production of climate projections’ resources to support the regional analysis and the analysis of the pilot projects
A4.D1: Geospatial database with datasets and maps for each Region/Municipality under study (M 16)
A4.D2: User manual for the geospatial database (M 18)

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