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Organization of the 1st three-day capacity building workshop in the Region of Western Greece

The first regional three-day capacity building workshop of the LIFE-IP AdaptInGR project will take place in the Region of Western Greece, on 20 - 22 September 2021. The workshop will be held online through teleconference and with limited physical presence for the speakers/organizers, based on the current 'Covid -19' pandemic measures.

The workshops are organized by the Green Fund in the framework of action C.6 of the project, which aims at building the country's capacity to adapt to climate change. Overall, 13 regional capacity building workshops are foreseen for the period 2021-2024 (one for each Region in Greece). The workshops target at 3 different types of audience in each Region: (a) Decision-makers, (b) Technical and other staff of regional and local authorities, and (c) Stakeholders (including professional groups of sectors affected by the impacts of climate change). The workshops aim at providing the necessary knowledge and tools to the public services and other stakeholders regarding climate change adaptation, giving emphasis on the most vulnerable sectors of each Region, as well as at enabling the implementation of the Regional Adaptation Plan of each Region.

Interested parties may register online to the workshop, upon an official invitation by the Region of Western Greece and in consultation with the Green Fund.  For further information, please contact Ms. Spyridoula Ntemiri, LIFE-IP AdaptInGR project manager for the Green Fund (sntemiri@prasinotameio.gr), Mr. Stefanos Papazisimou (s.papazisimou@pde.gov.gr) and Mrs. Maria Makri (m.makri@pde.gov.gr), members of the Region of Western Greece project team for the LIFE-IP AdaptInGR project. 

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